Why the 80’s Were Better (MGTOW)

KILL Your Social Media Accounts!

Red Pill, Temporary-MGTOW, and Your Path

It has been my goal, if not one of my primary missions in life, to bring the very, working best of Self-help materials to men who need it.  As I have confessed in great detail, my desire to heal and become, as many in the manosphere say, “the best version of myself,” has come at…Read moreRead more

Dragonball Z and Male Initiation

Prostitution & Male Sexual Slavery

A society that has effectively banned prostitution will necessarily become one which forces men to submit to the Feminine Imperative (reference: The Rational Male)  

MGTOW: NAWALT, INLT & Relationships

Life the Age of the “Super-girl”

The “Super-girl” is an archetype of an ever-emerging figure in the postmodern west. She did well in grade school and was ceaselessly spoiled by both parents.  She has wanted for nothing, receiving only proactive encouragement and active parental engagement (to the point of coddling and helicopter-parenting).  Her parents divorced when she was young, and since…Read moreRead more

“Never date a man who [ ]” Guide to female nitpickery

#Hypernits is the new MGTOW term I am coining, which means hyper-nitpickery.  I hope that it will one day stand alongside such well-known terms as “hypergamy,” “simp,” “alpha” and “beta,” etc.  

Going MGTOW Due to Female Arrogance (FArrogance)

Life is Too Dangerous! Ban Motorcycles! Ban Cars!