The Male Mono-myth: How “Super Mario” Can Get You Laid!

In my lectures I warn my male attendees of the dangers of egalitarian thinking. Per Nietzsche’s “The Genealogy of Morals,” what he calls “Slave Morals,” inherently predispose the individual to feelings of resentment.

Episode 12: Star Wars is now “Mythology-free!”

Episode 11: Are you a “Nice Guy?” Here’s everything that’s wrong with that…

Episode 10: “But I’ve Made Mistakes in Life…”

Episode 9: You Don’t Get to Choose Your Purpose in Life (THANK GOD!!!)

Episode 8: Your Subconscious Knows How to Lose Weight!

Episode 7: How to Lucid Dream & Achieve Yoga Nidra, Finally!

“Psycho” rap track by Liberator!

Psycho by Liberator This is my first original track as “Liberator”

Episode 6: Do You Fight With Your Family?

Episode 5: How to be Happy NOW! Conducting Gratitude Inventories