Yes, You Should Blame Public Education for School Shootings.

You drop your kids off at school in the hopes that they will be protected, fed and (presumably) well educated.

Given that the government controls education, we instead receive what we have come to expect from all of the “services” that the government provides: services provided badly, with minimal innovation and at an outrageously high cost.  In essence it is the exact opposite of what we have come to demand from the private sector, which provides us with items of ever-increasing quality combined with ever-declining cost, just imagine what $1,000 worth of a personal computer gets you today versus what that got you a mere 15 years ago!

Immediately following the horrific Sandy Hook School Shootings, the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre dared to suggest that “the only thing that stops a bad-guy with a gun, is a good-guy with a gun.”

The only way to answer that question is to face the truth. Politicians pass laws for gun free school zones, they issue press releases bragging about them. They post signs advertising them. And, in doing so, they tell every insane killer in America that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk. – Wayne LaPierre, 2012

Gun-controlling Liberals scoff at the idea.  They jeer, joke and jest at the very notion that a firearm can be used to protect and preserve life.  Instead, they propagate bizarre notions that guns can be eradicated with the waive of a magic wand, that if they can ban just one more “scary-looking” rifle like the AR-15, or another arbitrary cosmetic feature, or additional background checks, that gun-related tragedies will no longer happen.  By the gun-controllers’ reasoning, by lumping in the overwhelming majority of peace-loving, law-abilding gun owners in with the bad guys, they will prevent another gun-related homicide from ever taking place.

The epitome of hypocrisy: “Do as I say, not as I do.”  Every gun-hating liberal politician protects his life and the lives of his immediate family members with guns.  The fact that they delegate that responsibility to armed guards, or in the case of former President Barack Obama, with Secret Service agents, does not belay the fact that gun-grabbers are outright hypocrites.  Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emmanuel, Diane Feinstein and the rest all have protected their lives with guards and guns that taxpaying Americans (that’s you and I) paid for.

The epitome of Liberal Elitism: “If you can’t afford to outsource your protection to a licensed armed-guard service, then too bad for you!”  That about sums it up, doesn’t it?  Armed protection becomes a luxury item reserved for the rich and politically powerful.  Dim-witted pseudo-celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who regularly relies on the services of bodyguards, has taken up the hollywood pet-hobby of pleading for gun control.

Blame and over-regulate guns as a response to school shootings?

With clockwork reliability, left-liberals demand that the government step in and fail to solve a problem that the government itself creates.

You are compelled by way of forced-taxation to pay for a public educational system that neither educates, nor protects your children in a reliable, safe and friendly manner.  It is yet another failing of the big-government monopoly.  End of story.

Children who are unfortunate enough to be stuck in the modern-day gulag that is government education are unsafe across the board:

  • They are unsafe from the dangerous goals and ideologies of far-left extremists, such as neo-marxist ideologies, postmodernist philosophies, extreme feminism and gender-reconstructionism.
  • They are unsafe from physical harassment by bullies, gangs and other forms of student-on-student abuse.
  • They are unsafe from would-be predators that see unprotected school grounds as welcome targets for shootings.

All of these issues are direct results of the environment that children are forced to be in, and a crappy product that you are forced to pay for.

Safety is Just Another High-valued Commodity, one that the Government is Unwilling to Provide.

What if the education of children were left exclusively to the free market?

What can we be assured will happen?

Competition will reign supreme, as it does in the tech sector.  Competitors will do their best to offer ever-increasing quality of education for ever-declining cost to the parents.  Business-to-business training programs will also become more prevalent, as companies will be happy to train the next generation of employee-hopefulls with the exchange of greater brand recognition and community involvement.

Secondly, we will see greater diversity in what our kids will be learning, and the content of this education will better tailor itself to each child’s unique talents, gifts and needs.  If there’s one thing that socialized education ensures, it’s that everybody gets the same garbage: leftist, post-modernist, social-justice-gender-reconstructionist trash is pawned off on us as “education.”

And last, but not least, you (the parent) as the ultimate consumer, demand that if you are going to leave your children in another’s care, that your children be protected.

My local Chase Bank always has an armed guard on the premises.  Why?  You have to ask?  The bank values its customers, and its customers value their safety and their money.  Any would-be bank robber would be more likely to rob an unguarded bank than a guarded one.

The presence of an armed guard can be intimidating to some people, so at our bank, the guard also functions as a greeter.  He smiles at you when you walk in the door, and asks you how your day is going.  Instant feeling of safety and rapport.

Florida Armed & Unarmed Security Guards in the Tampa, St ...

At every school that I have attended in my life: from preschool to elementary school, to highschool and then college, not one of these institutions had a single armed guard on duty or full-time police presence.  Not one of them.

Let’s compare and contrast the free-market solution to the government solution, shall we?

  • Cash deliveries and stocking ATM machines – protected with armed guards because money is valuable.
  • High-profile banks – protected with armed guards because the bank regards their customers and the money of their customers as valuable.
  • Retail establishments – certain malls and retail establishments employ armed guards because they value their property.
  • Rich hollywood actors and dipshit It-girls – employ armed guards to prevent stalkers, harassers and potential kidnappers.
  • Liberal elite politicians at all levels – exempt themselves from anti-carry laws or use the services of protective agencies such as the Secret Service to protect their lives from would-be attackers.
  • Public Schools and Universities – blame the guns and gun-owners when something bad happens.

Are you starting to see the problem?  The differences in the mindsets between my pro-second-amentment allies and the left, is as stark as the difference between fantasy and reality.  The gun-haters are happy to accept the protection that guns provide them, so long as they are rich and powerful enough to have someone else do it for them.  In the real-world, most of us have to fend for ourselves.  When something bad happens with a gun at the hand of a crazy madman, liberals blame the gun, and their political opponents, the “bitter clingers.”

If a nutcase had decided to attack the University that I once attended, he would have been met with a “gun free zone,” (i.e. sitting ducks), because relatively all adults in the state of California are barred from carrying weapons, to say the least about supposedly “gun friendly” states that still ban college students from carrying on campus.  Said homicidal maniac, similar to the Virginia Tech Shooter, would have been met with minimal resistance, just a crowd of fleeing, screaming college kids.  There are no armed guards or full-time campus cops.  Someone would have had to call the police and wait upwards of 10-20 minutes (at best) for them to assess the situation and respond.

Which would you rather send your child to: a run-of-the-mill, “duck-and-pray” public school, or a private sector school with twenty-or-so, vetted, trained, helpful, friendly and VERY armed security guards?


The War on Masculinity is Real

Our Jobs as Re-education Camps

It is not a great time to be a man in the First World.  We’re told that we are bad.  Why are we bad?  Because we are patriarchal, hierarchical, and stronger physically than most of our female counterparts.  Apart from that fact that we are the ones who are shipped off (historically speaking) to die in wars, we are blamed for all the wars.  We created the philosophies of liberty, capitalism and tolerance that sparked the flame of the western world.

Enter: Postmodernism: everything must be equal!  If all jobs across all job categories do not show 50/50 distribution between males and females, then something must have gone wrong, and that something must be (you guessed it), SEXISM! GLASS CEILING! PATRIARCHY!

Of course, this isn’t true, because men and women choose different careers due to their inherent biological, psychological and (dare I say it) spiritual distinctive differences.  When former Google developer James Damore dared to challenge the company orthodoxy via an internal memo, he was summarily terminated for his heinous thought-crime.

Those who challenge the great witch-hunt shall be branded a witch!  Burn him!


Culture is SO Not Your Friend!

The great Terence McKenna once said that “Culture is not your friend.”  Unfortunately he did not live long enough to see the flood of television shows and movies that I would call “Deliberately-contrarian-wave-feminist.”

The 2016 reboot of the classic comedy-horror film Ghostbusters is one such piece.  “What’s wrong with all-female casts,” you ask?  Well, nothing, except for the fact that this film was quite obviously, DELIBERATELY CONTRARIAN in nature, as if to thumb its nose at the all-male-led cast that came before it.

Image result for ghostbusters 2016 film
Now it’s HIS turn to be the secretary, get it?

Actor Chris Hemsworth, noted for playing such masculine roles as the archetypal god Thor in Marvels Avengers, is the lowly and bumbling office bitch to the new Ghostbusters.  If this doesn’t send a message, I don’t know what does.

The 7th Season of Game of Thrones is chock-full of obvious feminist branding.  First we have R.R. Martin/HBO’s fetish for castrated men: Grey Worm, Varys and Theon Greyjoy.

We were treated to Daenerys Targaryen’s war council on the island of Dragonstone: all women: Lady Sand, Lady Olenna Tyrell, Yara Greyjo, and (of course) The Mother of Dragons herself.  If this series didn’t turn out to be anti-male enough for your liking, Daenerys is advised by two well-behaved castrates and a dwarf.

Image result for daenerys with olenna

If the all-female Dragonstone war council scene didn’t send a strong enough message for you, the HBO writers were kind enough to smack us in the face with their leftist-feminist inklings.  Lady Olenna offers to give young Dany some almost-grandmotherly advice,

“…I’ve known a great many clever men.  I’ve outlived them all.  You know why?  I ignored them.” named HBO’s Game of Thrones one of the 10 Feminist TV Shows to Tune into This Summer.

Let’s not forget the upcoming season of American Horror Story, framed as a never-Trump piece.

What liberal Hollywood?!

The Anti-male Climate of Academia

Thinking back to my (mostly unhappy) college days, what did my sociology professors force me to read?

Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher, a rambling, nonsensical tome in which the author emotes about girls’ feelings in the place of actual data.

Men’s Work by Paul Kivel.  Kivel literally equates glancing at a women’s breasts, working out to look tougher, or watching pornography, as contributing to the “culture of violence” against women.

We were also required to attend “Commitment to Character Training.”  One such session necessitated that all male students attend a talk by a female victim of date rape, who held all men accountable for such crimes, lest they “take a stand against rape.”

This was in the early-2000’s, before “Safe Spaces” and “Affirmative Consent.”  Yes, this means that college men are summarily deemed to be rapists unless they ask permission for any and all sexual activities, no implied consent allowed?  May I kiss you now?  How about now?  How about here?  How about there?

Unfortunately such ritual tormenting of men hasn’t stopped there.  Universities have asked that physically fit male students cover up their muscles so that they don’t appear threatening to other students.  Some campuses allow for spaces that forbid whites and/or males from entering.  Other colleges toy with the idea of gender-neutral school uniforms (that are basically SKIRTS).

To all this, I say, speak up and say, “NO!”  Remember that redefining values is the calling-card of a nihilistic, postmodernist philosophy that denies the existence of any objective reality.  “We’re only against toxic masculinity, it’s not toxic if we redefine it.”  Of course, if masculinity can be “redefined” into anything the leftists want, then there is no such thing as inherent “masculine” traits, is there?  Any academic who uses the words “toxic masculinity,” is in fact saying that “masculinity IS toxic,” a-la Paul Kivel and his ilk.  “Men’s Work,” indeed.

What IS masculinity?  Power, strength, competency and leadership, physical power.  This does not mean that masculinity must exist without morality or virtue.  The word “virtue” comes from the Latin word “vir,” for “man.”  Express your manhood!


Anti-male Public Shaming Rituals Go Viral #HeForShe

The Social Media Lynch Mob

It was hailed as the dawn of the ‘Web 2.0’ era.  The internet was (again) regarded as humankind’s most significant bastion of free speech and personal expression.   What is it becoming?  An angry mob of hyper-sensitive, overreactive twitterites who seem hell-bent on breathing new life into the once-distasteful cause known as “political correctness.”

Perhaps the reason why the NSA and other government agencies have gotten away with such blatant invasions of our privacy is because a large percentage of americans have no regard for privacy at all – their own or anyone else’s.  What this means is that if some damning piece of personal information about you should get out, even if what you did is perfectly legal, it is your fellow citizens that you should fear – not just the government.  Case in point: Brendan Eich and his short-lived tenure as CEO of Mozilla Corporation.

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