A Treatise on Healing the Oedipus Complex

In this three-part series, I dissect the Oedipus Complex and define its many forms, such as the Nice-Guy Syndrome (NGS).  I discuss how the exclusion and repression of the Shadow-Self is the cause Male Repression and male rage. This is a complete mental-download, please listen to it – you won’t regret it!   Oedipus Complex…Read moreRead more

Episode 12: Star Wars is now “Mythology-free!”

Episode 11: Are you a “Nice Guy?” Here’s everything that’s wrong with that…

Episode 10: “But I’ve Made Mistakes in Life…”

Episode 9: You Don’t Get to Choose Your Purpose in Life (THANK GOD!!!)

Episode 8: Your Subconscious Knows How to Lose Weight!

Episode 7: How to Lucid Dream & Achieve Yoga Nidra, Finally!

Episode 6: Do You Fight With Your Family?


Episode 5: How to be Happy NOW! Conducting Gratitude Inventories


Episode 4: Emotional Healing Through Shadow Work