Nurturing Your Inner Bad Boy

A lot of this may seem cliché. That’s quite alright, I don’t care. We all know that women love bad boys, but you might not understand why. Once again, you’re in luck! Through the lens of The Law of the Wild, you now understand why it is important for men to look and feel dangerous. Women are attracted to men that outwardly display their capacity to do violence, because so much of manhood is defined by that capacity.  No, this does not mean that you should run around acting it out and get yourself arrested. But society doesn’t change who we are. Your manhood must be expressed.

In embracing your manhood, you might want to consider making a number of personal changes that will both 1) make you feel more like a man and 2) make you more attractive to women at the same time. Men who are stuck in bad relationships might also find a renewed sense of lust and interest from their partners as they begin to make the changes outlined below:


One day I was enjoying a weekend afternoon in the pool at my apartment complex. I was single at the time, but I couldn’t help but notice a few of the guys that had especially hot girlfriends. It’s always a challenge for me not to stare at these ladies for too long. I like to call them “bunnies,” you know – hot bodies, firm tits, fake eyelashes, cute faces. Oh, how I love them so.

Next I took a discreet survey of their men. They all looked the same: tattoos on the arms and sometimes their chests. Skinny or muscular body types. They all had “don’t give a fuck,” brash-like attitudes. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “If tatted-up douchebags get all the hot women, then why not BE a tatted-up douchebag? What does that entail?”

This offends the Nice Guys, because it flies in the face of Egalitarian/Social moral code. We Nice Guys worked hard, we studied all the right things, we’re kind, respectable and oh-so agreeable. The Law of the Wild rules sexuality, remember? Women aren’t attracted to me who don’t appear to have a prayer’s chance in kicking another man’s ass. They just can’t get turned on by weakness in men, no matter how hard they may try.

When men have a bit of an attitude, or rock a certain in-your-face, bad-boy style, they are basically communicating to other men that they are willing to step outside the bounds of egalitarian social conventions. Am I suggesting that you change your style, get a bunch of tattoos, change your attitude or maybe get a musclecar or a motorcycle? Yes! Or, in other creative ways that feel right for you. This book is about making positive changes in your life that will make you feel like more of a man. Isn’t enjoying more relationships with quality women a big part of manhood? Of course it is.   

All men should take the necessary steps to lose fat and gain muscle. All men should have a regular exercise regimen, provided it is physically safe for them to do so. I personally have achieved great results with ultra-low carbohydrate dieting, but you and your doctor should be the judge. All men who are struggling with their masculinity or “what it means to be a man” should journal for a bit about what it would mean for them if they started to introduce some of the “bad boy” qualities in themselves.

Often times what you will find is the “Nice Guy” you think that you are is a false-self, a persona that was instilled in you by your mother. Being a “bad boy” feels wrong or morally reprehensible to you simply because you were conditioned to believe that anything other than an overly agreeable, submissive man is a “bad person.” This is the Oedipus Complex at work. You have every right to define yourself in any way you choose, completely free of shame, obligation or guilt.

The Nice Guy is always frustrated because he feels that he should be winning with women.  This never works, so why cling to your former Nice Guy persona? Reinvent yourself in a more male-positive mode. If you’ve been reading my book this far, then you know what a man is – a man is a proactive creature that possesses and demonstrates the capacity to do violence. This capacity is communicated to women (sexual attraction) and other men (dominance, fear/respect) by means of outward display. Big muscles, tattoos, loud cars, Harleys, screaming sport bikes in-your-face styles, are all antisocial, dominance-oriented queues.  They tell everyone that you are not purely an Egalitarian/Social Creature. You know how to play The Law of the Wild.