A Treatise on Healing the Oedipus Complex

In this three-part series, I dissect the Oedipus Complex and define its many forms, such as the Nice-Guy Syndrome (NGS).  I discuss how the exclusion and repression of the Shadow-Self is the cause Male Repression and male rage. This is a complete mental-download, please listen to it – you won’t regret it!   Oedipus Complex…Read moreRead more

Traditional Marriage and its Weird Libertarian Supporters

Harry Browne’s seminal volume, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World is a breath of fresh air in the libertarian world. We have a lot of fantastic books and articles about libertarian theory, from individual rights to theories about economics and human action, but almost nothing in the way of a practical “manual for…Read moreRead more

Liberator Track “Psycho” Takes Aim at Abusive Women

This track was inspired by a dark period in my life. The truth is that some women can be very abusive: emotionally, verbally and yes, even physically. This track was professionally produced by the amazing Cole Mize Studios, have a listen and enjoy!

New Liberator Track “Hip-Hop is Dead” Anti-SJW, Anti-Leftist Awesomeness.

  My latest track as rapper Liberator, professionally mixed and produced by the incredible Cole Mize Studios, takes aim at the leftist-driven culture of rap music, Universities, politics and media.

The Male Mono-myth: How “Super Mario” Can Get You Laid!

In my lectures I warn my male attendees of the dangers of egalitarian thinking. Per Nietzsche’s “The Genealogy of Morals,” what he calls “Slave Morals,” inherently predispose the individual to feelings of resentment.

Episode 12: Star Wars is now “Mythology-free!”

Episode 11: Are you a “Nice Guy?” Here’s everything that’s wrong with that…

Episode 10: “But I’ve Made Mistakes in Life…”

Episode 9: You Don’t Get to Choose Your Purpose in Life (THANK GOD!!!)

Episode 8: Your Subconscious Knows How to Lose Weight!