There are NO RANDOM THOUGHTS! A treatise on the power of your subconscious mind!

About Those “Random Things that Just Pop Into your Head…”

So, you’re going about your day.  If you’re like the rest of the human race, you have your ups and your downs – everybody does.  You have things that worry you, stress you out, and wonder about.  Sometimes you just don’t know what to do, you’re trying to solve your own problems and you’re trying to figure yourself out.  “What do I really want to do with my life,” that’s a common existential-crisis type of thought.  “How the heck can I lose all of this extra weight,” is another one.  “Where is this relationship going,” or “why am I alone,” these area all-too-common issues that we are faced with.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, things just happen to “pop” into our minds.  For me, usually it’s a scene from a movie (often a cheesy, poorly-reviewed film), or a song, or something that happened from my past.  Other times, it’s an act of sheer imagination.

Here’s the absolute truth about those seemingly “random” thoughts of yours – they’re extremely meaningful, profound and true! 

I’ll kick this off with a personal story.  Because I don’t know you, or what you’re thinking,  I have to rely on myself and my own thought processes to illustrate to you how this very beautiful and complex mechanism works.

This might strike you as a bit strange, but I promise you that I’m going somewhere with it.

At one point in the not-too-distant past, I was in a very toxic relationship.  I was with a woman who had two very extreme parts of her personality, at some times she was extremely sweet, affectionate and caring.  On the flip side, she was physically abusive – she know just how to poke me, prod me when I was down, and overall made me feel like I was living in Hell.

Two years after I ended the relationship, it still bothered me.  I found myself ruminating about it all the time, sometimes I was angry, or felt stupid for not leaving earlier, other times I would miss her and feel lonely and sad.

What kept me in this relationship was the addictive cycle of the extreme ups and extreme downs that are so common in abusive relationships like I had.  I was hideously confused, I just couldn’t “figure her out,” and I put way too much effort into trying to “rescue” the good parts of the relationship and “fix” the bad parts.  I made pro’s and con’s lists of her good and bad qualities on paper, obsessed over it to no end, and was basically miserable.

Of course writing pro’s and con’s lists doesn’t work, because that is a purely rational exercise, and treats a relationship as if it were some sort of “math problem” instead of an emotional and spiritual journey.  If your partner is abusive, wouldn’t that be a deal-breaker?  Would that somehow be nullified by a “good quality?”  I don’t think so.

One day I woke up and a seemly random, albeit “stupid” thing popped in to my mind, which was a scene from Batman Forever, that awful, awful film that we fans of the Batman franchise would just as soon forget about.  I woke up for work that morning and took a shower as I do every weekday, and I couldn’t stop thinking about that scene in the beginning of the film, the one where Two-face has this security guard trapped in a huge vault.  Batman is lured into the vault as well, in an attempt to rescue the security guard.  Two-face springs the trap, and leaves Batman and his witless victim locked in a vault together, dangling from a helicopter miles above the air.

“That stupid movie…” I thought to myself.

I went to work, and came back home, and again that scene from the film popped into my head.  Then I started ruminating on my relationship, she was so good at times, and then again she was so bad at times…I became emotional and I started crying…

“She wouldn’t just let me live…” I said to myself.

Then, like a flash of lightning across my mind, I brought two-and-two together.  THAT was the exact line that the security guard character said to Two-face in that scene!  I thought about my former girlfriend, not as two people, one good and one bad, but as one TWO-FACED person.  I stood up in excitement and pointed at this imaginary character, as if I were Batman in that scene, “SHE’S TWO-FACED!”

I sat in my office and was completely wonderstruck… here my subconscious mind was trying to tell me something… before I had even consciously decided to start thinking about my ex-girlfriend that day, a part of my mind was already hard at work on delivering the solution.

Another thing that struck me was just how perfect the solution proposed was.  I know it sounds silly, because Batman Forever is a silly film, but that’s not the way my subconscious mind saw it.  Mythological content is extremely important, because it gives our Psyches something to hang our experiences on to.  This particular scene from Batman Forever couldn’t have been more perfect from a symbolic and situational perspective.

Here we had, not only the perfect symbolic, mythological representation of what was happening to me in this relationship – a girl with two bipolar extremes, represented by the Two-face villain character, who is using that two-faced nature to torture a man who is split in two.  I saw in this scene the two parts of me: hero, represented by Batman, and the victim, represented by the witless, begging security guard.

I was finally able to make my peace with this past relationship and let it go, as well as release the emotional upset and ‘bound’ emotional energy and regret that I was carrying about it.  She was one in the same person, even when she ‘acted nicely,’ that was just an act, and my personality – as expressed by her two victims, was constantly bouncing back and forth, trying to figure it all out.

No random thoughts, just perfect problem-solving, EVERY SINGLE TIME!


The Universe’s Perfect Problem-solving Mechanism

Your subconscious mind is not under your direct, rational control.  It serves up images, feelings, memories and little ‘movies’ in to your mind’s eye.  When you’re asleep, it creates interactive scenarios called ‘dreams.’  In our unconscious, dreaming state, we are forced to interact with this ‘virtual-holodeck,’ and we all know that if something is troubling us during our waking lives, then our subconscious (aka, “unconscious”) will present is with dreams, often in the form of symbols, in an attempt to work these issues out.

When you’re asleep, your rational mind has minimal control, and often cannot recognize the fact that you are dreaming.  When this happens, your subconscious mind forces “you” to interact with it, acknowledge its input, and take its images, symbols and mythological scenarios seriously.

In your waking life, your subconscious mind can only whisper to you – it is your choice whether you choose to ignore its inputs or acknowledge them.

The Asynchronous Nature of Subconscious Thought

One thing you could start doing today, that will prove the power of your subconscious to you, is to start taking notes of these seemingly “random” thoughts that you have, whip out your note-taking app on your phone and write them down – or better still, take a voice-note of them.  Be warned: once you start doing this, you just might scare yourself, because you will soon discover (as I did) that your subconscious mind is hard at work on the solution to what you are thinking about LONG BEFORE you even choose to think about it!

What I mean by this is, by the time the issue or problem reaches the forefront of your rational mind, your unconscious/subconscious problem-solving mechanism was already hard at work on the perfect solution.  The subconscious is often the preliminary generator of the problem-solving process, and your rational thought processes are an outgrowth of that process.

Here’s another personal example, like the one I mentioned earlier, it also involves a motion picture, this one gets a little “spooky,” no pun intended.

For me personally, it seems that my subconscious mind likes to gravitate toward movies.  Movies are phenomenal things, the stories, troubles and characters in the movies give us ample situations for us to “hang” our own experiences on.  Like a favorite song that you like, you often resonate so strongly with that song that you think “they must have written that song for me!”  That’s the exact purpose of MYTH – it’s a story or situation that allows you to personally relate to – your subconscious mind resonates with the story, and can assist you in your personal growth, healing and problem-solving journey.

So here’s the film: Addam’s Family Values.  Another treasure, right?!  One day, it was (again), “seemingly randomly” popping in to my head.  This lasted for a couple of days, I would go to work, and one scene would pop into my mind.  “Oh yeah, I remember that dumb movie…” I thought.  “Oh yeah, I remember that scene,” was another.  What I wasn’t putting together was, intermingled with these “random” unconscious upwellings was that I was very troubled about my relationship with my mother.

My mother is a terrific person, but I have always had issues with her need to enmesh herself with me… it has always been that way.  When I was younger she was emotionally intrusive, “oedipal,” you might say, and consistently worked to sabotage my autonomy as a young adult.

A few days later I had one of my regular phone sessions with my spiritual teacher.  I am no longer working with him, but he is a man of extraordinary psychic and intuitive abilities.  That’s the thing about thoughts – they’re NOT bound up in our heads – rather, we broadcast them into the aethyr, and a trained person can easily pick up on them.  I didn’t give my teacher any information about what I had been on my mind, except that I was troubled about my relationship with my Mom, and the latest guilt-mongering, controlling thing that she did.

“It’s like she’s haunting you, you’re haunted by it.”  Then the FLASH from my subconscious happened again, the Addams Family Values film, in particular there was a scene where Uncle Fester, played by Christopher Llyod, had a night of intoxicating and rambunctious fun – he was up all night at one of their ghoul-laded parties, drinking and dancing the night away.  The next day he was guilt-tripped by his narcissistic and manipulated mother.  Fester spread himself out prostrate to his mother, surrendering to her guilt-trip, and begged her forgiveness for having committed the “heinous crime” of having fun without her permission.

My mother and I were both born on Halloween.  The “haunted house” analogy, as well as the somewhat creepy or “spooky” nature of the Addams Family, and that particularly Oedipal, enmeshed, guilt-laden relationship between Uncle Fester and his narcissistic mother, were all absolutely perfect.

I shouted out to my teacher, “that’s it!!!”  I explained everything that I mentioned above… and had a tremendous emotional release in the form of tears and intense grieving.  I call this an “Agreement.”  The Agreement happens when your rational, conscious mind has a “handshake-moment” with what your subconscious mind is trying to tell it, and the two split parts of yourself unite to solve the problem, and the emotional energy that was bound-up in maintaining that division is released.

“RANDOM THOUGHTS” – my ass!  This is POWERFUL stuff here!  Your subconscious mind knows the PERFECT symbols, inputs and information to help you solve your own problems!


Synchronicities with real life, psychic powers & “steering” behavior

Your subconscious is so connected with your True Self that it can even steer you toward being in the right place at the right time.  I had a psychic once tell me that in a past life I had died in the volcanic eruption that wiped out the people of Pompei in 79 AD.  Just a day before that I was standing in front of a sign at the Arizona Science Center, the sign was for the Pompei exhibit, and I was fixated on it for some reason, and felt some urgency to see the exhibit before it was closed.  Coincidence?

Not only are none of your thought-processes “random,” but none of your tastes, or things that you like to do are random.  Many times I will have the urge to watch a movie for the 100th time, or play some old video game, only later to realize that I was “medicating” myself in some way.  Maybe I wasn’t feeling my best and needed to “steel” myself by watching something with heroes or warriors in it.  The subconscious directs your feelings and your urges – if you have an urge to listen to a song or watch something, pay attention to it.  There is usually something deeper at work.

Learning to listen to your superconsciousness!

You literally can “think yourself to death,” worry about things endlessly, or try nearly endless things in vain with little to no results.  Take a listen to this quick podcast episode I did on my own subconscious inputs regarding my own struggles with weight gain.  I tried zillions of diets, beat myself up over having gained some body fat, and thought that the situation was hopeless.  What information did my subconscious give me?  REST!  TAKE IT EASY!  IT’S THE STRESS, STUPID!

The body possess an intelligence that is all it’s own – but it expresses itself with feelings, symbols and images which are uploaded into the subconscious, because that is the domain of the subconscious.  The subconscious then reflects those symbols, images and mythologic content to your rational mind, or Ego.  In this case, I was torturing myself with overthought about body fat and what to do about it, but only my subconscious mind has the power to communicate with my body directly, and tell me the truth about what to do about it.

Starting today, take notice and take note of what is popping in to your head.  Observe how it “pairs up” with what you are rationally thinking about, what is troubling you, or what issues you are dealing with.

Then get ready to get scared!  You’re taking your consciousness to a whole new level!!!!

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