Life the Age of the “Super-girl”

The “Super-girl” is an archetype of an ever-emerging figure in the postmodern west.

She did well in grade school and was ceaselessly spoiled by both parents.  She has wanted for nothing, receiving only proactive encouragement and active parental engagement (to the point of coddling and helicopter-parenting).  Her parents divorced when she was young, and since then her mom and dad have spent more time competing for who she will like the most rather than engaging in active parenting and disciplining her.  Of course, that has never stopped her from eagerly huffing the fumes of assumed “female as-victim status” that the media and the government schools supply her with.

She has the best of all worlds.  She’s fit, popular, active, athletic and intelligent.  She has thoroughly bought in to the notion that she is morally superior to all of the “evil men” who have fought so long and so hard to undermine “real women like her.”  She is ushered in to University life, drizzled in scholarships and proactive attempts to nudge her into the STEM fields.

She bangs and/or dates only the hottest and most athletic of guys.  Sex-positive feminism.  “Girl-power.”  She never wastes a moment to promote her own Sexual Market Value on Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Snapchat and Instagram.  When she’s not on the receiving end of free drinks at bars and clubs, and a ceaseless conveyor-belt feed of drooling, horny and eager sperm-flinging males, she likes to kick-back and watch her favorite shows.

Everything she watches seems to mysteriously bolster her own ego.  She always finishes a movie or TV show feeling better than she did before.  She LOVES series like Game of Thrones, especially with all of the strong, sex-positive role models and anti-male shaming monologues, like the one Olenna Tyrell launched in to about the “clever men” that she proudly “ignored.”

Maybe a good superhero movie like Captain Marvel strikes her fancy?  Or fantasy-horror pieces like Penny Dreadful, which features the full gamut of gay werewolves, transgender prostitutes, and an ultra-feminist Bride of Frankenstein, just to cover all of the left-wing bases?

In college, she may attend the occasional pink pussyhat march.  She passes all of her courses with ease, as she eagerly sponges up every misandrous, egalitarian-marxist theory that her learned professors belch out.  The culture has conspired to lift her up.  She has never been abused or endured any real hardship, but she has the gift of her vagina as social proof of her superior victim-status.  She’s a member of the Victim Sisterhood Elite.  She is better than everyone and she knows it.

She graduates collage and bounces around from job to job a bit.  She hops on dating sites and leverages them for little more than opportunities to display her own Super-girl status.  She is high on her own fempowerment to the point of brashness, to the point of crudeness and arrogance.

“Look up in the sky, I’m Super-girl, I go on hikes! I’m awesome!”

“I love to travel, I’m a WORLD traveler, I’m awesome!”

“I’m so pretty!  Look at this selfie!  I’m awesome!”

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She leverages her own inane feminine solipsism as a means of insulating herself from any self-criticism, any realization of her own faults, flaws or weaknesses.  Those are for other people, usually “lame and creepy guys.”  I have met women who proudly (and of course, loudly and obnoxiously) proclaimed that they could “kick my ass” because they had attended all of one-week’s worth of cardio-kickboxing classes.  When informed her (hypothetically speaking, of course) that I was in fact, a black belt with over a decade of training under me, that didn’t mean much to them, “That doesn’t matter, I’m FEISTY, I could KICK ANY MAN’S ASS!”

This kind of female arrogance (or “Farrogance,” as I call it), is the natural consequence of the Super-girl phenomenon.  A lifetime of ego-puffery, cultural flattery and #MeToo victim-status has created a generation of brash female narcissists.  They have everything, know everything (at least, as they see it), are ALWAYS right, have the best opinions, the best stuff and the best hobbies and interests.  No matter what you say, try as you might to enter into conversation with them equitably, they will always find a means of one-upping you over something inconsequential and silly.  They conflate personal tastes and interests with objective facts.  “You like THAT restaurant?!  That place is just… meh.. if you REALLY want a good steak you should go to X, I know the fucking OWNER, it’s the BOMB, ok?!  Yeah, it’s the SHIT.”

Super-girl goes on a date.  Everything from her profile description to her photographs communicate the same thing, “Are you sure you can handle me?  Can you deal with my awesomeness?  Do you think you’re good enough to meet my nitpicky standards?  If so, get in line!”  She doesn’t write about how she would make a good wife or mother, or what she brings to the table in the form of a long-term partner.  Why would she?  The thought of these things have never crossed her mind.  Her dating profiles read like brag-sheets.  On dates, she talks about herself ceaselessly, and expects the guy to be “a real man who knows how to treat a lady,” and pick up the tab.

Inevitably, she will hit The Wall and be unable to attract the wealthy, successful men that she used to.  Naturally she will leverage her own Farrogance and solipsism (narcissistic ignorance) to inflate her own self-perception of her own SMV.

“So what if I’m 40 years old, I’ve got experience that those young sluts could NEVER offer a man!”

“I’m still HOT, I was a 9.5 when I was 22 years old, but now I’m a 10!  I have brains, brawn and success as well as beauty!”

Don’t get me wrong, The Wall is a real thing.  It is just that aging Super-girls are slow to admit when their time as come.  The Super-girl views the world through a narcissistic, self-reflective lens.  Every social interaction, relationship, friendship or activity is an opportunity for her to inflate her own ego and internally expand her own internalized sense of entitlement and value.

As in the featured profile above, even if her man complains or tries to peaceably confront her on her attitude problems and moods, she will simply re-frame reality to suit her best.  “He really thinks I am adorable, he just won’t admit it to himself.”

Super-girls approach dating as a self-absorbed exercise in who will meet her cryptic and aloof set of standards.  Super-girl status is not at all reserved only for the slender and the beautiful, as today, even the fattest and the ugliest of fat-pig females will find themselves an abundance of desperate and horny dudes on Tinder.

The handsome, rich, hot and successful guys will turn their noses up at the old, the fat and the ugly gals, but they’re just “misogynistic patriarchal and insecure shits,” so who wants them, anyway?

The most curious of traits of Super-girls is that they seem to think that men actually enjoy the way that they are.  As Rollo Tomassi has said in The Rational Male, “Women want to be men.”  And so with this widespread form of penis envy, women now express the desire to impress men and compete with us as if it were male-to-male competition:

“Men like badassery, IMA BADASS!”

“Men like guns, I can shoot guns better than u!”

“Men like martial arts, I could kick yer butt!”

Brashness, loudness, physical strength, and yes, even displays of swaggering confidence and egoic narcissism, were typically under the domain of the masculine – but in the new age of the Super-girl, these traits are being forcefully linked to the feminine.

Super-girls are not feminine.  Men find them obnoxious, masculine and perhaps a little scary.  Super-girl feminists are quick to publicly shame and denounce men for being “intimidated by strong women” like them.  This feminine interpretation of the “intimidation factor” is completely incorrect.  Men are not afraid of Super-girls because they fear for their lives or that you will “kick our butts.”  Men find Super-girls scary in the same way that you might find a fly with a human head both frightening and disturbing.  A cute girl who acts like a man and goes to great lengths to compete with men for dominance in male spaces is perceived by men as unnatural, out of place, ugly and disturbing.

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“Strong Women”


I could sum it up more succinctly by repeating a time-honored fact that heterosexual men are attracted to feminine women.  These qualities are real and inherent to our hardwired genders, despite the efforts of the postmodernists and progressives to “relabel” and “redefine them.”

In closing, Super-girls are horrible people and should be avoided if you see one.  Chances are you will hear one before you see one, because she’ll be yell-splaining about her favorite sports team, her latest political obsession or how she proudly walked out on her husband of ten years in order to “find herself and become a yoga instructor.”  Unfortunately you will find it increasingly difficult to find and date a woman who isn’t a Super-girl, but at least we have MGTOW as an escape plan.