Women as Self-worshipping Mystics

So many men (myself included) find themselves bewildered, angered and downright perplexed by the state of modern dating. It from that emotional state of outraged perplexion that inspired me to write this post. The ares of life that mystify us are in desperate need of unpacking – of rational explanation.

I have just finished Rollo Tomassi‘s fourth book, The Rational Male – Religion. I have been a student, fan and advocate of Tomassi’s work since I was first introduced to his materials shortly following the end of my eight-year relationship with an emotionally toxic woman in 2015. Admittedly, I procrastinated when it came to purchasing and reading this latest installment because I am neither a Christian nor do I consider myself to be a religious person. I (mistakenly) dismissed the book by its title. I thought it was simply a Matrix-removal tool for “doe-eyed and beta-fied” Christian men. Rest assured, the book succeeds in that purpose, but I was not prepared for how shocking, eye-opening, heartbreaking and ultimately life-changing The Rational Male – Religion actually is. I couldn’t put the book down. Think of it as your Red Pill booster shot. It’s the fourth pill in your mandatory round of medications. Buckle your seatbelt.

Tomassi unpacks the very core of Judeo-christian ideologies (if not all religious ideologies) and how these ideologies have been distorted to service a now-globalized Feminine Imperative. Self-proclaimed atheists and secular-humanists are by no means immune to ideological influences. As Terence McKenna once said, “Judeo-christian ideology is in the air you breathe.” The male and female sexual imperatives are forever at-odds with each other. When male sexual need for an attractive woman intersects with a female’s hypergamous green-lights, we have a joining of the sexes: may that be in a one night stand, a relationship, a marriage or anything in-between. The prevailing gender and its accompanying sexual strategy controls the sexual marketplace and the culture, and who controls the culture controls the prevailing cultural morality.

Morality: Strong Independent Woman

When the feminist/SIW (Strong Independent Woman) imperative controls the cultural morality, we get widely accepted but contradictory messages about what is morally right and wrong. This sense of moral rightness and wrongness is, of course, burgled from the Abrahamic religions’ concepts of good and evil. In this vein, social justice warriors, feminazis and secular humanists play a game of religious-morality Mad Libs. Just fill in the blanks! Homosexuality is no longer evil, “homophobia” is! Slutty women aren’t evil, misogynists are! Feminism good! Patriarchy bad! Girl scouts good! Boy scouts bad! Transgender children good! Boys bad!

Morality-inversions like these are particularly powerful because they carry with them the illusion of liberation and newfound power. The secular humanist, the SJW, the feminist and the atheist (Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Stefan Molyneux) believe they have liberated themselves from the dark ages of religious thought. Meanwhile, they witlessly have performed an internal act of sleight of hand. The religious “ideological template” remains – the original Mad Libs sheet with the blank lines in it.

…not only can a woman “have it all,” but she can also be an autonomous being with no intrinsic needs beyond what she can provide for or address herself. The lie is that she, “don’t need no man” when a hundred thousand years of evolution, and an awful lot of spiritual belief, says different.

– Rollo Tomassi, The Rational Male – Religion

This is yet another example of a postmodern flipping of the “morality coin.” What once made for a “good woman” needs to be remade so as to be turned upside-down and backwards. What’s being sold to women is membership in a feminist/SIW cult, that cult offers gnostic powers to its adherents. Gnosis, meaning “to know” was originally a term used by hermetic mystics and mystery schools to refer to a direct knowledge of the divine – a conferring of knowledge through direct mystical experience. In this way, hermetic gnosticism is intended to be wholly different than religion. Religion asks only that its adherents follow the prescribed practices, obey the moral laws as closely as possible, attend services, and believe. The direct mystical experience is not really for congregants, rather it is for someone else (Jesus, The Pope, etc). He had the gnosis. We follow or worship “the guy.” Gnosis confers knowledge by way of direct experience.

Self-directed Gnosticism

The feminine imperative / SIW is much like an identity gnostic cult. To believe in it and derive its powers, a woman need only to have a gnosis of herself. The bedrock of the ideology is the morality-inversion. The notion of a “morally good woman” as a sexually reserved, polite, supportive, submissive, and attractive would-be wife and mother is now inverted. This Donna Reed-style model of the feminine “good” is now branded as repressive and “evil.” The new “good” that has come to supplant it (via the moralist Mad Libs game), is the selfish and disagreeable girl who feels that it is a personal insult if she do anything for the “express pleasure of a man” (credit: Rollo Tomassi).

If you are confused by what I mean by “self-directed gnosticism,” I refer you to the image above. With a twist of the gnostic-mystical template, women claim that they have direct knowledge of an otherwise unknowable mystery, and that unknowable mystery is themselves. In ages past, western philosophers like Plato would confer this mystery (knowledge of which can only occur though direct revelation-gnostic experience) would be “the Good” or “Divine” (loosely interpreted as “God”). The ancient philosophers knew that human beings had a moral sense of “right” and “wrong,” and they agonized over what the source of this moral sensibility was. Whether you believe the source of morality is biological or divine, the fact remains that our psychology has been wired to seek “the good” and absolve ourselves of “the bad/evil” and that this sensibility is a prime motivator of our actions.

Now let us unpack the proposed mystical-initiatory path for the Fempowerment Narrative and the resultant powers such a cult offers. The “good” lies within woman, and the cult-follower – herself being a woman – need only to look to herself as the source of “the good.” Only she can know herself fully, so to have such an enlightenment experience and the siddhis it offers, she only need have a gnosis of herself. Her sexual proclivities, imperatives and tendencies are always morally right and good if she judges them to be so. It is never right for her man to cheat on her, but she may cheat because she didn’t feel that her needs were getting met. If he cheats it is his fault and if she cheats it is also his fault. Donna Reed is replaced with Cheryl Sandberg. When she fucks alphas, she is right, morally encouraged and empowered to do so. When she marries a beta and later divorce-rapes him for alimony, she is also right, morally encouraged and empowered to do so.

Ain’t no shame ladies, do your thing. Just make sure you ahead of the game.

– Missy Elliott

The Cult of Bragging

Every woman believes herself to be special, possess uniquely accurate and “better” tastes and preferences, to be politically enlightened, and to be entirely unique and wholly unlike “all those other girls.” This is laughably ironic, because any man who has the stomach to sift through profiles on Tinder, Bumble, FB Dating or Instagram will be floored at how identical women’s profiles are.

Let me start with a contrasting example. When you have a moment take a look at the profiles of the hopeful foreign Thai mail-order-brides on the app ThaiFriendly. Their profiles have the most beautiful, flattering professional photographs the women can afford. The profile texts commonly read like this:

I am a loving and tender girl, looking for a man who is hardworking, kind and has good values. I love to cook, bake and clean. I would like family someday. I work out, I stay sexy for you.

– ThaiFriendly profile

The entire profile is constructed so as to cater to the Masculine Imperative – what men would find attractive. Women (like economically disadvantaged Thai brides) are trying to optimize their hypergamy by appealing to what they know men like. Catering to male desires is not (yet) an eradicated social taboo in poorer, more phallocentric societies like those found in Southeast Asia.

In the Western world, you can predictably swipe through one-hundred profiles on Tinder and not read a single word that is designed to be attractive to a man. As far as photos are concerned, you will see women sticking their tongues out, making obnoxious funny faces, or worse – pictures of her hiking or travel photos where she is barely visible or not visible at all.

The universal trait that women’s dating profiles have, is bragging.

Rudeness Bragging: “I’m 100% sarcastic and overly blunt. I am downright savage.”

Alt-sexuality Bragging: “In a committed ENM poly-relationship looking for an activity partner. Bi/poly/pan/demi-sexual.”

Fat Bragging: “Proud BBW, thick thighs save lives! Don’t like it, get lost!”

Travel Bragging: “I have been to 20 countries, don’t contact me if you haven’t been to at least as many as me!”

Political Bragging: “ACAB/BLM, Trump supporters swipe left!”

Astrological Bragging: “LEO bad ass bitch with a temper, don’t Fuck with a LEO alpha female!”

Gym Bragging: “Gym rat 100% hardcore. I LIFT!”

Outdoors Bragging: “Look at the pics of me hiking, can you believe it?!”

Single Parent Bragging: “Proud single mom to four beautiful little boys. My kids come first!”

Prostitute Bragging: “The BEST girl on here, HMU on OF or SC for fun..”

Laziness Bragging: “I Netflix and eat dill pickles all day”

Shock-disgust Bragging: “This is me without makeup on, my breath will probably smell if you try to kiss me, deal with it”

Success Bragging: “PhD. in Psychology I own three rental homes, see you can keep up”

Career Bragging: “Business owner of my nail salon, CEO boss bitch!”

Ego-identity Bragging: “I am me”

Addiction Bragging: “I get shit-faced every day, I can outdrink you. Lightweights need not apply.”

Train wreck Bragging: “I’m kind of a mess and will probably fuck your life up.”

Abstinence Bragging: “NO HOOKUPS! If you’re looking for SEX swipe LEFT!”

Any man reading such narcissistic diatribes is likely to become perplexed.

“She’s on a dating site… dating sites are used to meet a partner for dating or a relationship. Why is she leveraging her profile to make herself unattractive or seem unobtainable to men? Why is she doing nothing but brag about herself in a proclamation of self-worship?”

Men want a woman who is thin, has big boobs and is nice.

– Aaron Clarey

One natural conclusion you could make is that this is simply female nature, revealed in its bare and ugly form, now that the social pressures and moral stigmas of a once-patriarchal society have been lifted. Women are naturally self-obsessed, braggadocios, narcissistic-to-the-point-of-sociopathy, evil cunts that were just waiting in the shadows for the right time and conditions to reveal their true colors.

The evidence above may support such a claim but it is wholly incorrect. Women are not naturally this way, nor are they simply revealing their true wolf-like selves now that the sheep’s clothing may permissively be removed. Rather, what they are doing is deliberately and actively attacking you, and all of maleness, in the form of a malicious and malevolent moral self-righteous indignation. By shamelessly bragging in this way, by deliberately rubbing in your face all of the things that you know to be unattractive in a woman (including the bragging), she is flipping the metaphorical bird to the Masculine Imperative, which her Fempowerment Cult has judged to be the ultimate evil in the world.

Men prize a woman’s beauty, her meekness (humility) and her willingness to submit to his authority. Fempowerment SIW’s have been conditioned to view this as morally repugnant and a downright evil way to see women. Such sentiments have been brewing in the feminist cauldron for over fifty years, but the means by which women can use to execute such an ideology on the entirety of the male population did not exist until very recently. As late as the year 2000, when I was attending University, I was acquainted with a number of girls who proudly called themselves “feminists.” At that time in the pre-smartphone / pre-social-app era, these woman still had to select from the best men possible, limited by their age and location. I witnessed two such girls go on to drop the feminazi routine and marry guys they met at University. The same is probably true of women who were actively engaged in bra-burning exercises and the like. They bought in to the ideology, but without the means – without the power to assert such an ideology in a worldwide sexual marketplace, most of these early-order feminists gave up the game, dismissed it as a “personal phase” and went on to play the roles of wives and mothers.

The app-sexual-marketplace has reduced men to sex-beggars and has artificially inflated the SMV (or at least, the perceived SMV) for every woman that participates. The braggadocio, the narcissism, and the thumbing of any and all standards that a man might value is simply a power grab. The Feminine Imperative Cult provides the ideology by which women are encouraged, via a form of gnostic self-worship, to pursue self-empowerment as a moral ideal – above all else. Being nice to her boyfriend is not as important as her felt-obligation to prop up the Strong Independent Woman moral ideal. If he asks her to rub his back and she complies, she worries that she might be committing a sin against the rules by doing something for the express pleasure of a man. She might be “surrendering to weakness” and in so doing, would have to drop her girl-power facade.

It has become a common meme among men’s circles that modern women are essentially undateable. This is because the Feminine Imperative instructs women to value self-knowledge (self-directed gnosticism) and power above all else, and especially above anything that could be remotely perceived as an act of willful submission or catering to man’s desires. What was once the good, proper and moral way for a woman to behave in a relationship has now become an outright religious blasphemy. Her cult demands a state of perpetual self-worship, much like a background meditation. Modern women are undateable because a relationship necessitates give-and-take and the ability to draw boundaries with your partner. As evidenced by their dating profiles, women state that they are inherently perfect, proud of their personality defects, proud in their mistreatment of others, proud that they have no verbal filters, and will not, under any circumstances, modify their behavior for the betterment of a relationship with another person.

“I am ME! Take me as I AM!”

The long-term repercussions of such a culture have yet to be seen, but the early evidence is quite troubling. We are witnessing the greatest shift in how men and women interact that the world has ever seen, yet the sociology professors in academia have been relatively silent on the issue. We all know why that is! They are terrified of being cancelled. They are prisoners of the Matrix. In the Matrix, there is no such thing as a woman with “too much power.” More empowerment for women and girls is always better. There is never a risk of sociopathy, malevolence or rudeness, because bad behavior never comes from women, it only comes from men!

Thus the great reward, the siddhi-power and promise of the Fempowerment cult is revealed – female freedom from accountability in any and all forms. Women simply cannot be held to any standards of behavior. Meanwhile they are encouraged to trash men. The next time you see a woman’s profile, be aware that she is not revealing her true nature. Rather, she is fulfilling her cult’s mission of trashing, attacking and ridiculing men’s interests. If you can hang with that and you have six-pack abs, maybe she’ll date you (maybe).

 …identification of oneself with the object of one’s worship, to a form of self-worship which soon develops into a maniacal exacerbation of the Ego…

– Aleister Crowley