The Oedipus Complex Will Wreck Your Life

Having an Oedipus Complex does not mean that you want to have sex with your mother. It simply means that you seek to recreate the same emotional state and relational template in your relationships with women as you had with your mother. The Oedipus Complex is a natural state in the development of boys. When…Read moreRead more


“Elevate” 11.21.19 Photoshop Composite


“Birthsign” 2/8/21. Adobe Photoshop  

Perfectionism is Toxic

Are you a self-perfectionist? Do you hold yourself to impossibly high standards? Do you feel that you can never quite live up to the standards that you / society / others set for you? If so, you probably are suffering from an all-too common mindset issue, known as Perfectionism. Perfectionism in all its forms has…Read moreRead more

Why ‘Shadow Work’ is the Best Self-Help Tool

When we were children we didn’t have to learn how to release our negative emotions. When we were upset we cried, when we were angry we yelled, when we didn’t get what we want we pouted or threw a tantrum. Of course, none of this is beneficial or appropriate in an adult society. As we…Read moreRead more

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