Arizona Caves to COVID-19 Hysteria, Ducey Issues Positive Rights List

Netflix’s “The Witcher” is Woke Feminist Crap

Life in a Risk-averse Culture! No Motorcycles! No Cars!

How the Oedipus Complex Destroys Men, Part 2

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Why the 80’s Were Better

KILL Your Social Media Accounts!

Reader Submission: Mother Knows Best (SNL)

Postmodernism: The Anti-Male Cult

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Yes, You Should Blame Public Education for School Shootings.

You drop your kids off at school in the hopes that they will be protected, fed and (presumably) well educated. Given that the government controls education, we instead receive what we have come to expect from all of the “services” that the government provides: services provided badly, with minimal innovation and at an outrageously high…Read moreRead more

The War on Masculinity is Real

It is not a great time to be a man in the First World.  We’re told that we are bad.  Why are we bad?  Because we are patriarchal, hierarchical, and stronger physically than most of our female counterparts.  Apart from that fact that we are the ones who are shipped off (historically speaking) to die…Read moreRead more