The Oedipus Complex Will Wreck Your Life

Having an Oedipus Complex does not mean that you want to have sex with your mother. It simply means that you seek to recreate the same emotional state and relational template in your relationships with women as you had with your mother. The Oedipus Complex is a natural state in the development of boys. When…Read moreRead more

Perfectionism is Toxic

Are you a self-perfectionist? Do you hold yourself to impossibly high standards? Do you feel that you can never quite live up to the standards that you / society / others set for you? If so, you probably are suffering from an all-too common mindset issue, known as Perfectionism. Perfectionism in all its forms has…Read moreRead more

Why ‘Shadow Work’ is the Best Self-Help Tool

When we were children we didn’t have to learn how to release our negative emotions. When we were upset we cried, when we were angry we yelled, when we didn’t get what we want we pouted or threw a tantrum. Of course, none of this is beneficial or appropriate in an adult society. As we…Read moreRead more

Red Pill, Temporary-MGTOW, and Your Path

It has been my goal, if not one of my primary missions in life, to bring the very, working best of Self-help materials to men who need it.  As I have confessed in great detail, my desire to heal and become, as many in the manosphere say, “the best version of myself,” has come at…Read moreRead more

A Treatise on Healing the Oedipus Complex

In this three-part series, I dissect the Oedipus Complex and define its many forms, such as the Nice-Guy Syndrome (NGS).  I discuss how the exclusion and repression of the Shadow-Self is the cause Male Repression and male rage. This is a complete mental-download, please listen to it – you won’t regret it!   Oedipus Complex…Read moreRead more

The Male Mono-myth: Super Mario

In my lectures I warn my male attendees of the dangers of egalitarian thinking. Per Nietzsche’s “The Genealogy of Morals,” what he calls “Slave Morals,” inherently predispose the individual to feelings of resentment.

Episode 10: “But I’ve Made Mistakes in Life…”

Postmodernism: The Anti-Male Cult

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How the Oedipus Complex Destroys Men

Disclaimer: The following is for informational and entertainment purposes only.  This is not medical advice, I am not a medical doctor or psychotherapist.  Always first consult with your doctor.  “The Oedipus Complex” It sounds weird and obscene.  It’s taboo, so much so that we try not to talk about it, or at best, marginalize it as…Read moreRead more